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  • Difficulty: 31 360 548 173 144|--|4 687 331 779 GH|--|1 821 353 GH

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High efficiency

Cryptocurrencies have limited supplies, and the mining process will increase the security: theoretically, uneconomical hashpower is required to breach the system. Therefore cryptocurrencies have become the safest and most efficient storage of wealth for mankind. All people who participate in mining will be rewarded. Mining will also encourage higher global hashpower and more efficient computers, and cheaper energy technology. We participate in mining and is one of the leading participants.

HE15 is composed of professional team members. Our vision is to spread the wealth of cryptocurrencies through advanced mining facilities

We provide datacenter-class technology, and allow everyone to access the advanced technology easily through PC or mobile.

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We welcome all qualified mining company to join us. If you are interested in selling your hashpower thorugh our platform, please feel free to contact us.

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